About Us

GRIDJuciton is a subsidiary of Passion Highway, Inc. that is headquartered in South Dakota.  The company was founded by Jim and Lisa Kerr.
Who is Jim and Lisa?
Jim and Lisa have spent every minute their working life would allow adventure traveling the world

They were married in 1994

They are both airplane pilots, motorcycle riders and seafarers

In 2017, Jim started researching campers and full-time living in preparation for retirement.  It was important to them to have the core functions of their sticks and bricks home with them while on the road.  They do not plan to ever fully retire.  It was imperative that they could operate their businesses from virtually anywhere.
Jim’s research unearthed thousands of articles and YouTube videos, but he quickly discovered that what was out there was unorganized, not always accurate and difficult to find. The idea of building a website to centralize how-to documentation into one place was born. In October 2019, Jim registered the PassionHighway.com domain a few weeks before they took delivery of their 2020 Grand Design Momentum 397TH Toy Hauler.

It quickly became clear that sourcing parts was more challenging than the upgrades themselves!
Jim said, "it would sometimes take weeks to find and obtain parts for a project."

Sites like Amazon sell most of what we need, but their catalog is not optimized for projects.  Most eCommerce websites are designed for search.  One needs to know exactly what a part is called to find it.  What is the waste line shutoff valve called?  What is the difference between a Hub and a Spigot plumbing connection?  What are the plastic water lines in my coach called?  What parts do I need to install a bathroom sink faucet I bought at Home Depot in my camper? 
A recent video Jim posted on how to change RV Waste Lines to ones that do not leak is a good example of the challenges faced by many of us.  The start-to finish install that included taking video and pictures took a few hours but getting the parts needed for the project took 3 over weeks!

A project that disrupts a major system needs to finish ASAP
Jim said, "A missing part could take a key system out of service for days!"

Fortunately for all of us, Jim consults with Fortune 500 business advising them on how to optimize eCommerce sites that service millions of people a day.  He was also one of the startup founders of the travel site ORBITZ.  He knew their was a better way...so he built GRANDJunction.com during the COVID 19 lockdown!
"We couldn't find it so we built it," said Jim
GRIDJunction was created to solve the parts sourcing problem.  Over time we will centralize all parts needed for Marine, Mobile and Off-Grid projects into one location and create comprehensive how-to documentation with a parts list.  We will stock and sell direct if a component is not readily available or more expensive elsewhere; however, we don't want to be in the parts warehousing business.  We will direct you to Amazon (or other site) when that makes the most sense for our customers.  Our objective is to follow the community's lead and evolve into the go-to destination for the Marine, Mobile and Off-Grid DIY projects. Let us know what you want to see from us.  We will do our best to help.
Thank you for visiting GRIDJunction!